Why Do Dogs Prefer To Urinate On Car Tires and Electric Poles

No doubt, lots of people love pet animals. Among these pet animals, dogs are one of them. People love this pet animal because it is loyal to human beings and it is a little more sociable to human beings than other animals. Anyhow, you may have noticed a strange habit of the dogs. When they urinate, they raise their legs. Moreover, they also wet the electric poles and vehicle tires. When you will notice this habit of the dogs, you may think that why do dogs prefer to urinate on car tires and electric poles.

Why Do Dogs Urinate On Car Tires and Electric Poles

Due to the social behavior of the dogs, there is also a social reason behind this habit. When they urinate on car tires and electric poles, they leave their smell for other dogs. The dogs have a sharp sense of smell. When other dogs enter this area, they take it as a warning sign from other dogs. Different scientists have worked on it. During their research, they have found that they do it due to various reasons. First, they do it to mark their territory. Secondly, they also do it for the other dogs to identify their routes.

Why Do Dogs Urinate On Car Tires and Electric Poles

Along with urinating on car tires and electric poles, they prefer the vertical level targets. Its reason is that these targets make the accurate routes for the other dogs. The researchers have also identified that they leave the smell of their urines at the nose height for the other dogs. According to researchers, if they urinate on the ground, the smell of their urine will not last long. On the other hand, if they urinate at a height, it will persist longer without affecting its smell.

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Therefore, we can say that if dogs urinate at vertical heights, the smell of the urinating will last longer than at the horizontal places. This unique habit of the dogs is helpful for the other dogs to introduce their area. Moreover, they can also use this habit to pass information to other dogs about their territory. When they decide to urinate on vehicle tires, it means that they want to pass information at a longer distance. Its reason is that these vehicles travel longer distances. The researchers have also found that this habit is mostly found in male dogs. Its reason is that they are more possessive of their territory.

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