Difference between Search Engine and Web Browser

Internet users have to use the search engine and web browser almost every day. No doubt, we have to frequently use these two buzz words but there are still some confusions about these buzz words. Most of the people don’t know the difference between the search engine and web browser. Google has recently interviewed in New York. The interviewers had asked the definition of the web browser in the streets of New York. You will be amazed to know that only 8 per cent of the people had told the correct definition of the web browser. Here, we will discuss the difference between these two buzz words.

What is a Web Browser?

A web browser is application software. With the help of this software, internet users can easily get access to information on the internet. Along with getting access to the information, they can also retrieve and view the information. By using a web browser, internet users can get access to various kinds of information. It means that they can get access to the information in the form of text, image, video and audio etc. Some examples of the world’s most famous web browsers are Google Chrome, Safari and Opera etc. Sir Tim Berners-Lee had invented the first web browser in 1990. Mosaic was the first graphical web browser. It was developed in 1993.

How does a Web Browser Work?

The process of a web browser begins when a user inputs the URL. This URL (Uniform Resource Locator) can be in the form of HTTP, HTTPS or FTP etc. After that, the web browser displays the resource bypassing the HTML in the layout engine of the web browser. It will translate the document in the form of an interactive document. You can see this document on your screen.

Characteristics of the Web Browser

There are various characteristics of a web browser. Here, we will discuss the most important characteristics of the web browser.

·         A web browser consists of a graphical user interface.

·         It has a search box. We can type the URL or address in this search box.

·         The page style of a web browser can be static or dynamic. The page style depends upon the interactivity and formatting of the web browser.

·         A web browser can use the HTTP, TCP or IP protocols.

What is a Search Engine?

A software program that we use to search the information on the internet is a search engine. We use this software program to search for the websites. To search for these websites, we type specific keywords. When we type a keyword on the search engine, the search engines locate these keywords in their databases of information. After finding the information in their databases of information, the search engines show the relevant information to the users. The search engines use their proprietary algorithms to show the information to the users. Google, Bing and Yahoo are the world’s most famous search engines.

How Does Search Engine Work?

All the search engines have their web crawlers or spiders. The search engines send out these web crawlers or spiders to create the copies of all the web pages. After creating copies of these web pages, the search engines index these web pages to create the listings of the web sites. With the help of these web sites listing, the search engines facilitate the faster search for the users. When a user types a query, the search engines sort out this query through millions of pages in their databases. After sorting out this query, they find the perfect matches to your query. As a result, the search engines produce the results for the users. They show these results in the ranked form based on their relevancy.

Characteristics of the Search Engine

Just like the web browser, there are also some specific characteristics of the search engines. Here, we will discuss the most important characteristics of the search engine.

·         Search engines have crawlers in the form of software programs. These crawlers regularly scan the websites to discover new updates. While discovering the new updates, they check the URLs, keywords and links in these websites. They also follow the links that are present on the other web pages.

·         To make the search results more effective for the users, these search engines have an index system. The search engines index all the URLs, links and keywords.

·         There is a complete mechanism behind the searching process. This system is present in the form of search algorithms. With the help of this system, the search engines index the web pages. The search engines also use this system to find the most suitable web pages for users.  

Difference between Web Browser and Search Engine

After describing a complete overview of web browsers and search engines, we will try to explain the difference between the web browser and search engine.

Difference between Web Browser and Search Engine

1.      Difference between Definitions of Web Browser and Search Engine

A software application that we can use to retrieve the information from the web pages or HTML files is a web browser. These web pages or HTML files are present in the servers. On the other hand, a search engine works just like a website. The users can use it to search for the information. The search engines display the results of the search queries on the screen.

2.      Difference between Uses of Web Browser and Search Engine

We can use the search engines to find the information in the WWW (World Wide Web). After finding the information, we can see the information on the screen. On the other hand, a web browser uses search engines to view and retrieve the information for the users. A web browser retrieves the information from the web pages that are present on the web servers.

3.      Database

A search engine has its database to store the information. On the other hand, a web browser doesn’t have its database to store the information. Anyhow, a web browser has memory to store the cache and cookies.

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4.      Installation

If you want to get access to specific information by using a search engine, you don’t need to install it in your system. On the other hand, if you want to use a web browser, you will have to install it in your system. You can install various web browsers in your system.

5.      Web Browser and Search Engine have Different Components

Both search engines and web browsers have different components. The main components of a search engine are index, crawler and search algorithm. On the other hand, a web browser uses a Graphical Interface to provide the best user experience.

6.      Examples

As a search engine and a web browser are two different terms. That’s why they have different examples. The most important examples of search engines are Google, Bing and Ask etc. On the other hand, the most important examples of web browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Opera etc.

7.      Difference between Intends of Search Engine and Web Browser

The main intend of a search engine is to gather information regarding various URLs. After gathering the information, they have to maintain that information. On the other hand, the main intention of a web browser is to display the web page of the current URL. This web page is available at the server.

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