Does Stress Cause Hair to Turn White?

As we know that researchers are researching different phenomenon in the world. Similarly, a team of researchers in the United States and Brazil have also started to research on the effects of stress on the colour of the hair. According to researchers, stress is becoming the cause of hair to turn white. To reveal these facts, they have performed experiments on the mice. These mice started to feel stress. There are cells in the animals that determine the colour of the hair on their bodies. Due to the stress of these experiments, they have observed the damages in these cells. The pain of the experiments has also damaged these cells.

Does Stress Cause Hair to Turn White?

They have used the blacked-hair mice in these experiments. After sometimes, they have noticed that the black hairs of the mice started to turn white. Based on the results of this research, they have decided to research more. They have decided to research more because they wanted to invent such drug that can be helpful to prevent the hair from turning white. As a result of the natural process, the colour of the men and women hair started to turn in the thirties. Instead of ageing, the stress also plays a role in turning the hair white. No doubt, the researchers have told that stress is becoming the cause of turning hair white. Anyhow, they have not explained the relationship between the colour of hairs and the stress.

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As we know that Nature is one of the most authentic scientific journals. The authentic findings of the researchers are published in this scientific journal. You can also read the findings of the researchers from the Sao Palo University, Brazil and Harvard University, the US in this journal. They have suggested in their findings that this connection may be due to the melanocyte cells. These cells produce melanin and these cells are responsible for the colour of hair and skin in the body. Yassia Xu is the professor and researcher at Harvard University. She was also working on this research. She has said that we are certain that stress can become the cause of changing the colour of hair.

When scientists were doing experiments on the mice, they found that mice are releasing a fluid during the experiments. This fluid is known as adrenaline. This fluid becomes the cause of the heart to move faster and the blood pressure to rise. These things are becoming the cause of stress. As a result of this process, the melanin cells begin to shrink. Professor Yassia Xu has also provided her comments about the research. According to her, she knew some effects of the stress on the body. The results of this research have revealed that the negative effects of the stress on our body are more than our imaginations. After the few days of this experiment, the pigment-producing cells in the mice began to lose. If someone loses these cells, he can’t reproduce them.

BBC has interviewed Yasia Xu who was working on this research. She has told lots of things about their research. According to her, they have reached the first stage of their research. They will have to work more to reach the final stage. After reaching the final stage, they can find a proper cure for human beings. This cure will be helpful for them to prevent the hair from turning white due to stress. Anyhow, we should try to prevent stress buildup. We can prevent stress buildup by following various tips. These tips are given below;

·         You should try to balance your responsibilities with the activities that you enjoy.

·         We should also try to manage the responsibilities by using a calendar.

·         By eating a healthy diet, we can also get rid of the stress issues.

·         If a person gets the proper sleep, he can also save himself from the stress issues.

·         By taking proper exercise, he can also get rid of the stress issues.

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