Why Do Men Gain Weight After Becoming Fathers?

It is a fact that a woman has to keep her baby in her belly for nine months. During these nine months, she gains thirty to thirty-five pounds in weight. After giving birth to the baby, it takes a long time to return to her place. Thus, we can say that mother has to suffer from obesity after giving birth to a baby. The obesity of the mother is due to some medical reasons. Now, modern investigations are showing that after becoming fathers, men also gain weight. As we know that while becoming fathers, men don’t undergo a medical procedure, why do men gain weight after becoming fathers? The modern investigations are showing that men gain weight due to the following reasons.
why do men gain weight after becoming fathers

1.    Lack of Sleep
lack of sleep

According to experts, if a person is facing sleep deprivation issues, he will gain weight. After giving birth to a baby, both mother and father have to take care of their newly-born baby. It lasts a direct impact on their daily life routines. The first and most important impact on their daily life routine is that they have to sacrifice their sleep. Its reason is that newly-born baby wakes up overnight. As a result, the sleeping order of the father is disturbed and it creates sleep deprivation issues. The sleep deprivation is leading towards gain in weight.
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2.    Increased Responsibilities
increased responsibilities

Before marriage, a man has lots of free time and he spends this time in taking exercise and other healthy activities. After the marriage, he has to spend some time with his wife and his free time is divided. Anyhow, he can adjust his exercise schedule in the remaining time. When he becomes a father, his responsibilities increase because he has to give some time to his baby along with his wife. Therefore, his exercise schedule disturbs and he can’t pay attention to the physical activities. Due to the lack of physical activities, his weight also increases.

3.    Food Intolerance
food intolerance

If we want to maintain our weight or we want to decrease our weight, we have to follow a balanced diet plan. Before becoming a father, it is possible for a man but after becoming a father, it is difficult for a person to follow a balanced diet plan. Its reason is that after the children, men have to adopt the diet of their children. Men are sharing ice-creams and noodles etc. with their children. This imbalanced diet also become a cause of gain in weight for the fathers.

4.    Increase in Age
increase in age

Along with the birth of the children, their age also increases. The main impact of the increase of age on our body is that it slows down our metabolism. Some people try to maintain it by checking it properly. As a result, they don’t face any kind of problem like an increase in weight. On the other hand, some people don’t check it. As a result, they have to face some problems like obesity.
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