5 Deadliest Diseases that Can Be Cured by Just Tears

God has blessed various blessings to human beings. God has also blessed various means of expressing emotions to human beings. Smiling in happiness and crying in distress are two essential means of expressing emotions and these emotions are known as the best gifts of the Allah Almighty. In our society, weeping is known as a sign of weakness. According to modern scientific researches, crying or weeping is not only saving the human being from several diseases but it is also making them psychological and physically more powerful.

5 Deadliest Diseases that Can Be Cured by Just Tears

The Human Eye Produces Three Types of Tears

The human eye produces three types of tears;
·         The first type of tears come from a body duct. These tears provide moisture to the eye. These tears also keep the eye moist and its lens safe.
·         The second type of tears come out from the human eye when sand particles or rubbish go into the eye. These tears come out from the human eye to clean the eye.
·         The third type of tears come out from the human eye when a human being is emotionally affected. Along with these tears, some hormones are also extracted. As a result, these tears provide emotional comfort to human beings.
The third type of tears also protects human beings from several diseases. Here, we will discuss five deadliest diseases that can be cured by just tears.
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5 Deadliest Diseases that Can Be Cured by Just Tears

1.      Protect Against Depression
  Protect Against Depression

Depression has become a rapidly expanding psychological disorder in our society. Due to depression, a human being can suffer from emotional distress and mood swings. Some hormones in our body stimulate these emotions. When a person cries, these hormones are extracted from the body. As a result, he can easily safe himself from this debilitating disease.

2.      Protect Against Heart Diseases
Protect Against Heart Diseases

If a person is facing the problems of heart diseases, these problems can also become the cause of emotional stress. If a person cries openly, his nerves calm down. This thing lasts direct impacts on the arteries of the heart. As a result, these arteries begin to function well and this thing also reduces the chances of a heart attack.

3.      Blood Pressure Decreases
Blood Pressure Decreases

There are some salines in the human body which become the cause of high blood pressure. When a human being cries, these salines come out of the body along with tears. As a result, this thing lowers the blood pressure and blood pressure of the human being reaches the normal level. This is also the best practice to protect us against kidney diseases.

4.      Improves Vision
 Improves Vision

When a man cries, tears come out of his eyes. These tears wash away the eyes. As a result, the vision of a human being is improved.

5.      It Relieves Body Pain
 It Relieves Body Pain

According to modern research, there are some chemicals in the human body like oxytocin and endorphin. When a human being cries, these chemicals are also extracted from the body. As a result, the pain of the body is relieved and a human being feels calm.
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