6 Parts Of The Human Body That Do Not Work

In terms of evaluation, chimpanzees are considered closest to the human beings but if we take an overview of the biological structure of the human beings and chimpanzees, we come to know that the biological structure of human beings is different from the chimpanzees. Its reason is that chimpanzees have more organs than human beings. The main reason is the difference in the biological structure of these two is known as the continuous evaluation of human beings. Anyhow, the process of biological evaluation is very slow. That’s why some muscles and bones are still present in the body of human beings which are not useful for them. A researcher has researched this fact and after his research, he comes to know that there are still some muscles and bones in the human body which are no longer useful for us.
6 Parts Of The Human Body That Do Not Work

After knowing the results of this research, a question comes to the minds of the people that if these muscles and bones are not useful for the human being, why these muscles and bones are still present in the human body. The answer to this question is that the process of biological evaluation is very slow. Therefore, there require some time to completely disappear these muscles and bones from the human body. Anyhow, there are also some cases in which these organs and muscles have achieved new goals for themselves. This process is known as exaptation. Let’s talk about some essential parts of the human body that do not work.
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1.    Muscles that help us to climb up the trees
muscles that help us to climb up the tree

These muscles are present in your wrist. To see these muscles, you just need to place your hand on a flat surface. After that, you should try to touch your smallest finger with your thumb. You will see two straps on your wrist. If you don’t see these straps on your wrist, you should not worry about it. Its reason is that more than 18% of the people don’t have these straps and if you don’t have these straps, it doesn’t mean that you have lack of something in your body. These kinds of muscles are present in the Aurang Oatan animals and these muscles are helping them to climb up on a tree. According to the researcher, there is a possibility that human beings had used these muscles to climb up the trees but now, these muscles are useless for them. That’s why doctors use these muscles during reconstructive surgery.

2.    Ear Straps
ear straps

According to Jerry Cowen, if you can shake your ears, you are the evidence of the biological evolution. Cowen has also written in his book that these kinds of straps are helpful for the horse and cat to shake their ears. As we can’t shake our ears with the help of these straps, therefore, these straps are useless in our body.

3.    Tail Bone
tail bone

According to the researcher, the tail bone is reminding us about our lost tail. This bone was helpful for us to keep the balance of our lost tail while climbing up on the trees. Now, this bone has become smaller in size but it is still helpful for us in various ways because it is supporting some muscles in our body. As we are not using this bone for its main purpose, therefore, this bone has also become useless for us.

4.    The third eyelid in the eye
the third eyelid in the eye

There are pink eyelashes in our eye and most of us don’t have seen these pink eyelashes. These pink eyelashes are known as the third eyelid. These kinds of eyelashes are also present in the sparrows and some other animals. The main task of these eyelashes in the human eye was to bend the eyelashes vertically. As this third eyelid is not working in the human eye, therefore, we can also say that it is a useless part of our body. Anyhow, in sparrows and some other animals, these eyelids are still working.

5.    Stand on end or feel jittery
stand on end or feel jittery

You can observe that when cats are in danger, they stand on the end or feel jittery. Similarly, when a human being is in the danger or he feels cold, he stands on the end or he feels jittery. According to the researcher, the man had spent lots of his time in bigger hairs. Therefore, in the past, he had used his hairs to stand on the end or feel jittery. When they stood on the end or they felt jittery, they seemed bigger than the normal size. Moreover, they could also use these bigger hairs to save themselves from the cold weather. As we don’t have bigger hairs, therefore, we can’t increase our size or we can’t save ourselves from the cold weather by standing on the end. Therefore, it is also useless for human beings.

6.    Holding hands of teenagers
holding hands of teenagers

When you hold the hand of a teenager, he will try to hold your finger with his finger. This kind of symptom in teenagers is known as grasping reflex. With the help of grasping reflex, the babies of different animals are grasping their parents. As human babies are not able to grasp their parents with the help of this kind of reflex, therefore, we can also say that it is also useless for human beings.
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