What Will Happen If Insects Disappear From The World?

It is the desire of almost all the human beings that the environment around them should be clean. That’s why we consider that insects around us are just like dirt and we try to eliminate these insects by using different kinds of pesticides. According to experts, it is expected that more than 40% of insects are eradicated from our environment and there are also some other kinds of insects that can also be eradicated from our world. This is not a good sign for our earth. Here, we will discuss what will happen if these insects are permanently disappeared from our earth.

1.     Effects of eliminating bees

According to the research of an environmental research agency, bees are essential creatures on this earth. Its reason is that it is helpful for us in various ways. First of all, bees are helpful in getting honey. Secondly, these bees are also responsible for the pollination among the plants. This pollination is important for the plants because, with the help of this pollination, plants are able to form fruits. It is estimated that if bees are eliminated from our earth, the process of pollination will be affected. As a result, the production of the plants will be decreased up to 30% and the number of flowering plants all around the world will also be decreased up to 90%. Therefore, in order to continue the pollination process among the plants, scientists have to create artificial bees.

2.     Effects of eliminating cockroach

Cockroaches are considered as the most disgusting creatures in the world. There are many reasons for it. First of all, these cockroaches are becoming the cause of spreading bacteria around us. Secondly, these cockroaches can also become the cause of many kinds of allergies. Thirdly, after seeing the cockroaches, a sense of mess is created among the people. There are more than 350 different types of cockroaches are found in this world and only 20 types of cockroaches are harmful to the human beings. There are lots of benefits of these cockroaches like these cockroaches are the main source of nutrients for the small animals, these cockroaches eliminate the dead organs and they emit huge amount of nitrogen, this nitrogen is not only helpful for the plants but also for the animals and these cockroaches also play a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem of our world. If all the cockroaches are eliminated from the world, our world has to face problems of imbalance.

3.     Effects of eliminating ants

Ants are found in almost all the parts of the world except Antarctica. If ants are eliminated from our world, our world has to face lots of problems. Its reason is that these ants are helpful for us in various ways. First of all, these ants are the main source of penetrating air into the underground part of the earth. Secondly, these ants are also the main source of eliminating harmful substances from around us. Thirdly, these ants can also become the cause of transferring seeds of the plants from one place to another place. As a result, the growth of plants is also increasing.

4.     Effects of eliminating spider

We see spider nets not only in our houses but also in other public places. These spider nets are not considered as a sign of good luck for any house. There are also some people who consider that these spiders are dangerous and poisonous for us. There are lots of types of spiders that are not harmful to us because these spiders can become the cause of eliminating diseases from around us. These spiders also become the cause of cleaning environment.
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