Corona Virus: Which People Have More Fears To Die?

Corona Virus: Which People Have More Fears To Die?
Nowadays, the doctors who are fighting against the Corona Virus are just like those people who are fighting against those enemies who are unknown to them. Its reason is that doctors don’t know the answers to some basic questions about this infection. Some of the famous and mysterious questions about this infection are given below;
·         How does the Corona Virus enter into your body?
·         What are the symptoms of this infection?
·         How to treat people who are suffering from this infection?
·         Which people are at high risk of this virus?
A team of doctors who are treating this infectious disease at the Jinantan Hospital in Wuhan has started to give answers to these questions. For this reason, they have published a detailed report in the Lancet Medical Journal. In this report, they have shared their experiences and views after treating the first 99 patients who were suffering from the Corona Virus.

Attack on the lungs

The first 99 patients that brought to this hospital had symptoms of Pneumonia. They were facing lung problems because the area where Oxygen flows was filled with water.

Other Signs of the Patients Were that:

·         82 people had a fever.
·         81 people had also cough problems.
·         31 people were facing from breathing problems.
·         11 people had muscle aches.
·         9 people had doubts about different diseases.
·         8 people were suffering from headaches.
·         5 people were suffering from the problems of sore throat.

Early cases of death

·         The two people who died due to Corona Virus were appeared healthy. However, these two people had an addiction to cigarettes. Therefore, there is a possibility that cigarette had weekend their lungs and they were facing problems in breathing.
·         A 61 years old man was also brought to the hospital and he was suffering from symptoms of severe pneumonia. He was facing severe problems of breathing and his lungs were not able to provide such Oxygen to the body which was necessary to keep the body alive. They had kept him on the ventilator. Despite keeping him on the ventilator, his lungs were failed and he was dead.
·         Another patient whose age was 69 years was also kept to the hospital and he had also faced the problems of shortness of breathing. They had tried to provide Oxygen to them by artificial means but they were not able to save them. He was dead when his blood pressure increased due to pneumonia.

Major Cause of this Virus

The major cause of this virus is known as the animals that were sold in Huanan’s Sea Food Market which is situated in Wuhan. Its reason is that 99 patients of Coronavirus were taken to the hospital and out of 99, 49 people had direct contact with this market. Out of 49, 47 were working as managers or they were operating shops in this market and only two of them were buyers of the animals in this market.

Most of the affected people were over the middle age

As we have discussed earlier that they have shared a report of 99 patients who were affecting the Corona Virus. According to this report, most of the affected people were over the middle age. There were 67 men and the average age of these patients was 56 years. Anyhow, the latest reports about the Corona Virus are showing that it is affecting equally to the men as well as to the women. Anyhow, the report of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in China is showing that in 11 patients of Corona Virus, 5 are women and 6 are men. It is also estimated that due to social and cultural reasons, men are at higher risk of infected from this virus than women.

Most of the affected people were already sick

This report of 99 people is showing that most of the people who are affected by this virus were already sick. Doctors are saying that it is the result of their weak immune system. Out of 99 people, 44 were facing heart failure problems and blood vessel disturbances. They had heart attacks before. Twelve people were facing diabetes.
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