Top 10 Search Engines In The World

top 10 search engines in the world

A web search engine is also known as an internet search engine. It is designed in such a way that it provides us with a platform to search a query or worldwide web in a systematic way. A search engine shows these search results in a line of results. These results are known as SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These search results pages show the information in the form of images, articles, videos and research papers etc. A search engine uses algorithms or web crawlers to show information. When we are going to find any kind of information on the internet, we have to use these search engines. There are different mathematical formulas of all the search engines for showing results. There are unique algorithms of all the search engines. It means that if a web page has top ranking in Google, it is not necessary that it should also have a top ranking in the Bing or Yahoo search engine. Another essential fact about these search engines is that they keep on changing in their algorithms constantly. There are lots of search engines are available that are helpful for us to search for data on the internet. Here, we will provide a list of top 10 search engines in the world.

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Top 10 Search Engines
10Internet Archive

Top 10 Search Engines In The World

1. Google

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I think I don’t need to introduce Google with you. Its reason is that Google is the most famous search engine all around the world. Google search engine is in the first place in the search engines list. Google is dominating in all around the world in all the devices like desktop, mobile and tablet. The most essential thing that makes Google the best search engine is that it is providing the best search results and queries to its users. If we take an overview of the worldwide market share of different search engines, we come to know that the market share of Google is in between 81.5% to 92.5%. In order to show the best search queries to the users, it is using sophisticated algorithms. The founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin have brought an idea for showing search results in Google. According to their concept, the websites that are referenced by other websites are more legitimate than others. Therefore, these websites deserve better ranking in the search results. Some essential facts about this search engine are given below;
· According to HubSpot and Internet Live Stats, the estimated search queries per second are 70,000 on Google. It means that there are almost 5.8 billion search queries on Google and annually, there are 2 trillion search queries on Google.
· According to Google search engine stats, 15% searches on Google are those searches that are not seen ever before on the Google.
· According to Backlinko, Google checks almost 200 different factors of a website before showing it in the best results for the users.
· According to the report of Statista, almost 63% search queries on Google are made through mobiles.
· It is estimated that Google’s ad revenue in 2018 was almost $116 billion.
· In the second quarter of 2019, almost 93% of search queries in the US are made through Google search engine.

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2. Bing

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Bing is an essential search engine and it is a product of Bing. Microsoft is working hard on this search engine but they are still not able to attract the users that Bing is also a reliable search engine just like Google. As it is the product of Microsoft, therefore, it is the default search engine in the Windows PCs. Despite this support of Microsoft, Bing is not able to increase its market share from 6%. The market share of Bing search engine is in between 2.34% to 5.29%. If you don’t like Google search engine and if you are looking for an alternative of the Google search engine, Bing is the best choice for you.

3. Yahoo

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Most of the internet users are well aware of Yahoo because it is one of the best email providers for users. On the basis of the market share, it is also holding third place in the list of top search engines. The average market share of this search engine is in between 1.64% to 2.04%. Yahoo search engine is gaining lots of support from Mozilla Firefox. Its reason is that it is the default program in the Mozilla Firefox. The web portal of Yahoo is very popular among the people. That’s why according to Alexa, it is at the 11th position regarding the most visited websites in all around the world.

4. Baidu

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Baidu is also an essential search engine and it is the product of China. It was founded in 2000 and due to its familiarity among the users, it has become the fourth most popular search engine. The most interesting fact about Baidu is that it has become the most popular search engine in China. According to Wikipedia, Baidu is serving billions of search queries to the people. As a content creator, if you want to rank your post on the Baidu, you will have to spend more efforts on SEO than Google. The global market share of this search engine is just 0.92%. Anyhow, the most important fact about this search engine is that almost 90% of Chinese are using Baidu for their search queries.


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According to Alexa, Yandex is one of the most popular websites on the internet. On the basis of search results for this website, this website is positioned at the 30th position in Alexa ranking. On the other hand, it is also known as the most popular website in Russia and in Russia, its Alexa rank is 4. The most interesting fact about Yandex is that it is the most popular search engine in Russia. Its reason is that its market share in Russia is almost 65%. Anyhow, if we take an overview of its global market share, we come to know that it has very little market share. It means that the market share of Yandex is just 0.47% to 0.83%.

6. DuckDuckGo

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The average searches of a day on this search engine are 47 million. In spite of these 47 million searches, the average market share of this essential software is just below 0.5%. This essential search engine doesn’t have its own algorithms like Google and Bing. Therefore, in order to show results against any query, it has to depend on other search engines. Anyhow, the most interesting thing about this search engine is that it has a very clean interface and it is not loaded with enough ads like Google.

7. image is basically a question answers website. On this website, users can post their questions and interesting people can provide the best answers to these questions. Anyhow, this essential website has also the functionality of a search engine. That’s why it has also a 0.42% market share of the search queries.

8. image

In the past, this search engine was very famous among the users. Anyhow, during recent years, it has lost its reputation but it is still able to manage its place in the top 10 most famous search engines. Its reason is that the net market share of traffic of this search engine is 0.05%.

9. WolframAlpha


The functionality of this search engine is different from other search engines. Its reason is that this search engine is famous among the researchers as a computational search engine. It means that with the help of this essential search engine, it is possible for the users to get information about different facts and numbers about different topics. The users are also using it in order to do lots of calculations. This search engine uses lots of assumptions in order to make these kinds of calculations for the users.

10. Internet Archive

internet archive

The functionality of this search engine is also different from other kinds of search engines. Its reason is that with the help of this search engine, it is possible for the users to get an idea about the complete history of a website. This search engine has the ability to provide a complete history of a website like its domain and website look from 1996 to now.
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