Why Is Milk White?

What Is Milk?

No doubt, milk has become an important component of our diet. There are many benefits of milk. We can use milk to glow our skin, to strengthen our bones and teeth, to rebuild our muscles, to lose weight, and to lower the blood pressure. As we know that milk is a white liquid and it is produced by the mammary glands of the mammals. The milk is the primary source of nutrition for the newly born mammals because they can’t digest other kinds of foods.

Why is milk white?

Why Is the Colour Of Milk White?

When we see the colour of milk, then it seems to us white. Now, a question comes to the mind that why is milk white rather than red, yellow, green or blue. As we know that the colour of a material depends on the properties of the material. Therefore, before going to know about the white colour of the milk, we should try to know the composition of the milk.

·         The Composition Of The Milk

Generally, the milk is composed of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. When we talk about the gross composition of the milk, then we come to know that there is 87.7% water in the milk. Moreover, there is also 4.9% lactose and 3.4% fat in the milk. There are also minerals and proteins in the milk. The composition of minerals in the milk is 0.7% and the composition of proteins is 3.3% in the milk. As we know that we can get milk from different species like cow, goat, sheep and buffaloes. The composition of the milk doesn’t remain constant for all the species. This composition of milk varies to some extent from one species to the other species. It is also interesting to know that this composition of the milk also depends upon the feed of the animals.

·         Summary

·         Water = 87.7%

·         Lactose = 4.9%

·         Fat = 3.4%

·         Minerals = 0.7%

·         Proteins = 3.3%

·         What Is the Phenomenon behind The White Colour Of The Milk?

As we know that the colour of a material depends on the properties of the material. This particular composition of the milk allows the milk to reflect all the visible wavelengths of light and it doesn’t observe any wavelength of light. When all the wavelengths of the light combine, it forms white colour. That’s why the colour of the milk is white.

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Why Is Cow’s Milk Yellow?

As we have discussed earlier that the colour of a material depends upon the properties of the material. The composition of the cow’s milk is such that the fat particles of the cow’s milk contain colouring pigment that is called Beta-Carotene. On the other hand, buffalo’s milk doesn’t contain this colouring pigment. Due to the presence of this colouring pigment, the composition of the cow’s milk is different from the composition of the buffalo’s milk. That’s why the buffalo’s milk is white and the cow’s milk is yellowish.

Why Skim Milk is Blue?

If we remove fat from the milk, this milk is known as skim milk. If we are removing fat from the milk, it means that we are changing the composition of the milk. The remaining composition of the milk is such that it scatters blue light slightly more than other wavelengths of light. That’s why skim milk has a blueish look.

If Milk is White, Why Cheese is Yellow?

From milk, we are preparing lots of products. When we prepare cheese from the milk, we see that it has a yellow colour. Now, a question comes to the minds of the people that if we are preparing cheese from the milk, why it has a yellow colour. As we have discussed earlier that the cow’s milk is yellowish due to the presence of the colouring pigment Beta-Carotene. This colouring pigment comes into the cow’s milk from the grass.

As milk is present in the form of liquid, we can’t observe it because milk binds itself into the fat component of the milk. When we prepare cheese from the milk, we remove the liquid components from the milk. As a result, the concentration of the Beta-Carotene increases in the remaining product and it reflects yellow colour slightly more than other colours. That’s why even after preparing from the milk, the colour of the cheese is yellow.

·         Interesting Information

We are fulfilling 90% human needs of milk by drinking cow’s milk. Moreover we have been drinking cow’s over 10,000 years ago. First of all, cow’s milk was drunk in Afghanistan over 10,000 years ago.

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